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Coscuez Colombia emerald mining area

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Ay Caramba Colombia

Frank, Mark, and Juan in Bogota Colombia

South America (4-2016)
Tiwanaku & Puma Punku Bolivia - Cartagena Colombia - Belo Horizonte Brazil - Cusco Peru

Good information about Machu Picchu Peru.
More information about Machu Picchu Peru.

Frank's look at Puma Punku Bolivia.
How in the world did they carve this stone and why?
Perfectly cut and polished granite at 13,000 feet elevation. How did they move these large and heavy stones. There are no trees from which levers and rollers could have been made. Tiwanaku lies near the highest fresh water lake in the world and was at one time in the distant past literally on the shore of lake Titicaca.

Cambodia - In Search Of Blue Zircon Via Angkor Wat (4-2017)

A word about mysterious places and ancient civilizations. Having been to all of these sites, Frank and Mark have made an interesting observation. Looking at a map of Peru, the proximity of these mysterious sites - the lines at Nazca, Machu Picchu, and Tiwanaku - are all fairly close to one another in the same part of the world.Puma Punku Bolivia There must be a reason for this. We think there is more to be found in the region that has remained hidden for all these years. This demands more exploration!


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